Granular Bentonite Capacity=18000 MT/YEAR || Powdered Bentonite Capacity=16,500 MT/YEAR

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About Us

Avni Clay Tech Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 16th May 2011 with an aim to manufacture various grades and value addition products of naturally available smectite group of clay mineral Bentonite, in the district Kutch of Gujarat state of India.
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Bentonite are special and noble mineral clays only a few volcanic ashes turns into industrial usable bentonite, The applications are many and for the most different segments, Bentonite is a very much requested for its property to from a stable and chemically active colloidal gel, permitting one of the most diversified types of applications.
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Testing Facility

The forces of manufacturing quality products is critically dependent on testing of raw materials, product after necessary treatment to boost swelling , gelling and suspending properties of the product.

Product Testing(Q.C.)

  • Sand Muller.
  • PH-meter
  • Muffle furnace
  • MB absorption analysis kit.
  • Hamilton batch mixer.
  • IR- Moisture Analyzer.
  • Analytical balances.
  • Water distillation plant [ Lab scale]
  • Laboratory oven:–No:2.

Business Activity

  • Foundry grade
  • A.P.I. and O.C.M.A. Grades
  • Construction Grade
  • Geo-thermal lining grade I.O.P Grade.
  • Roasted Bentonite Granules
  • Roasted Bentonite granules
  • High Clumping bentonite granules
  • High absorptive bentonite granules

Plant Facilities

  • Grading Screens:-No.:7
  • Roasting Kiln (Rotary drum type):-No.:1
  • Dryer (Rotary drum dryer):-No.:1
  • Roller Mille:- No.:2
  • Hammer Mills:-No.:2
  • Screen Pulverizer:-No.:1
  • Drum Granulator:-No.:1

The Plant



  • Granulation and Packing
  • Conveying System
  • Roasting of selective granules of bentonite
  • Cooling and final grading of Roasted granules

Drying Plant

  • Granulation and grading .
  • Drying of granules.
  • Final Grading.
  • Conveying to packing section.
  • Packing.

Grinding Plant

  • Main R.M. silo of cap. 35 M.T.
  • Three Roller mill.
  • Impact pulverizer.
  • Conveying system.
  • Packing system.